About Us


K-Ventures was founded in 1982 by Kathy and Karl Guenther.  Both have had experience in managing and operating transportation systems in the public and private sectors, and they decided to set out on their own with a small family owned and operated company.  K-Ventures incorporated in 1995.

Our Mission:

K-Ventures specializes in planning, organizing, conducting and operating group tours; local and outbound tours for residents and businesses in the Finger Lakes area and inbound tours for visitors to the area.

Guiding Principles:

  • Highly personalized service; attention to the individual.

  • Specialize in small groups; typically ten to fifty.

  • Provide high quality transportation with our own equipment when possible, rather than relying upon contractors.

  • Both Kathy and Karl are involved in all aspects of day to day operation; customers deal directly with the owners.

  • Intimate, up-to-date knowledge of the Finger Lakes region.

  • Retain full control of, and accept total responsibility of services provided, as much as possible.

Services Offered:

BUS CHARTERS:  K-Ventures owns and operates a small fleet of  25  passenger mini-coaches available for hire; This size of vehicle has proven to be ideal for the nature and scope of K-Ventures' main business.  Mini-coaches have large panoramic windows, fully upholstered reclining seats with armrests, overhead storage for carry-on items plus luggage space on some units, air conditioning, public address system, cellular telephones,  air ride and video cassette players.


CUSTOMIZED TOURS:  K-Ventures creates day trips and overnight trips for local groups and organizations.  All arrangements and reservations can be handled, all tickets and admissions procured.  Transportation can be provided by K-Ventures' own vehicles or, if requested, by another contract carrier.
INBOUND GROUP ITINERARIES:  Customized tours are developed and operated for incoming groups, including business seminars, individuals, and pre-formed tour groups.  Transportation can be included; groups coming to the area with their own vehicles are offered step-on guide services.